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January 4th 2012
Published: January 20th 2012
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First day of school... the uni is really nice and the facilities are awesome! Free gym, beach volley courts, tennis, outdoor pool, dance classes, guitar lessons, you name it! It's pretty exciting! I caught a bus this morning with Martha. They don't run on a schedule (very Mexican) so you just show up and hope that it comes at an okay time, and then have to hollar it down. They do have a few set bus stops but most of the time you just see a bus, wave at it, and it will stop anywhere any time! The same goes for hopping off, wherever you want to stop, you just say the word (Baja), and you're off! Crazy Mexicanos! Pretty nervous to do it by myself tomorrow!

I met a german boy on the bus called Cassian, who was also with his host mum. Turns out we live a couple of blocks apart and our "mums" are friends which is cool! During orientation I met people from all over the globe, including an Aussie guy from Melbourne which was pretty funny. He only had to say one word and I flipped around and grabbed him.. YES SOMEONE LIKE ME!

Tomorrow I have the host family meeting to sign contracts and hopefully organise the sign up for all my classes. It's all happening. It's pretty awesome to experience a different culture like this, but its scary being thrown in the deep end and I definitely appreciate home a lot now!

I'm out!

P.S.... Anastacia (the girl that belonged to the pink love heart balloon lady) is in a couple of my classes. She's from Ohio, United States. Small world!


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