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September 16th 2008
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Reynolds hit CactusReynolds hit CactusReynolds hit Cactus

We took a tiny bit of time to see the landscape up close
Good Day/Morning/Evening All,

**Right now they've turned the lights off in the mall and we are being asked to leave (I think) we have more videos and pictures they just take too long to down load****

Brad and I are at an internet cafe at a mall in Queretaro with some very loud spanish music playing.

We ended up staying in a really rough place last night in a hotel bus stop. We were warned of a double murder up the road the night before so we stayed stealth. Employed all the standard Reynolds tricks.

We left there and made our way South again with our little tourist glossy map. Brad is now typing. We have passed many a poor dead dog and puppies people have seemed to haphazardly thrown from their pick ups. I guess every dog has their day and in Mexico it comes sooner than most. The odd donkey in the meridian ditch as well.

We passed the Corona factory today and it would put the Campbell River pulp mill to shame. Guard towers walls and all. They seem to take their beer here serious. People are looking at us
Bull on the RidgeBull on the RidgeBull on the Ridge

There on all the small hills
like aliens. High fives and thumbs up are the "norm" now.

The city of Queretaro would rival any Canadian one. Clean , very safe and modern. we are impressed. Our hotel is really swanky. We have personal garages lot's of marble and walk in showers. Upon closer inspection though we have surmised that this is in fact a "love hotel". That hasn't stopped the great service from the manager and staff. A+ find for sure.

We took a couple side ventures into the nitty gritty and were chased by numerous dogs. That's the real Mexico!

Tomorrow we battle Mexico City head on......bring it!

Thank you for the advice Lana we are on board now.

Blane and Brad. Out for now.

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Large parts of the villages are flooding right now.
The Love HotelThe Love Hotel
The Love Hotel

Best sleep they've had so far!

16th September 2008

Hello from both of us. Just to let you know we are following your adventures daily through the blog and Spot. Checking the Rand McNally Atlas for the macro 'road' picture. E.C. can't wait to see where you are going next. Cheers, keep safe and alert - I must go find one of those little bottles Ray left behind and salute it. ":)
16th September 2008

hey guys im the manager from the "love hotel" good luck nice trip
16th September 2008

Loving the pics, hope ya'll dont mind me printing off a lil bit of what u write and a few pics for the Ellis grandparents to view....they'd sure be intersested in reading about your journay!!
17th September 2008

looks like your making good time. whats your odometer reading?
17th September 2008

Hi DAN , 8268 kms. Hey could you email jessetidmarsh@hotmail.com and give him the blog address I am having some real problems getting it to him. I promised I would so that would be awesome. Over and out.
19th September 2008

re. jessie -- Message truncated --
i did my best. it looks like they closed his account due to inactivity, or his box is full and refusing to accept any new mail. as for everything else, the song remains the same. your car has been turned 90 degrees to adhere to the parking protocol. shes now parallel to the building as requested by the super. im in week three of school and it is pretty much as i expected. Guatemala sounds exciting. i haven't checked the gspot yet today so im not sure exactly where you are. anyhow...i g2g study for my TIG test tomorrow. ttyl danharris

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