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October 4th 2011
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Left the hills behind and headed back to Mexico city to spend my last two weeks catching up with my friends and exploring more of the city.
A friends cousin came to town in the weekend from NZ, so we met up in the center of town to go out for some drinks.
We headed up to the tallest building in the city, the Latin American building, where they have a bar on the 47th floor with spectacular views of the city (bet you didn't think i had that word on my vocab list).
After a cocktail each, we headed down the road to the Mariachi plaza. Its a big square full of people standing around the various mariachi bands playing around the plaza.
We stopped in to get some food and take in the atmosphere, have a drink and tell the people to stop trying to sell us all the junk they have on offer. Except!!!! For some reason in Mexico its cool to see how tough you are and hold on to these metal rods (wait for it).. that are connected to a power source and give you electric shocks. So of course we had to have a turn.
I held on electrode and a friend (Santiago) held the other, with the other two kiwi chicks holding ours to form a circle (the other two Mexican friends were too chicken.. they are not tough).
Was so funny, the current came on and i could feel a slight tingle, then the guy slowly increased it higher and higher. We were all jumping up and down giggling like kids as the current passed through us all. We had everyone around us cracking up at as looking like idiots. Was really funny.
After some food and electric shocks, we walked through the plaza watching some of the bands play, during which i was forced up to dance. Probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, Santiago got me up to dance. All Mexicans seem to have dancing in their blood and they are all great at it. But me? no i have two left feet, and i was terrible and had no idea what i was doing. Everyone around me (we were in the middle of a circle) were all laughing and looking at me like i was handicapped. And judging by the way i dance, its understandable that they think i was handicapped.
No more dancing for me, had to leave red faced. But not before i got a kiss by a mariachi muso, we were taking photos with some players and as i was kissing his cheek for the pic he turned around and planted on on my lips. All his friends cheered him on, was really funny (ps. he did have very soft lips).
Yesterday My friend Julie and i headed to Puebla, another colonial town south of Mexico city.
We wandered the streets taking going in and out of the various markets and taking in all the old buildings etc.
Was a really beautiful city, with alot of churches. We then headed to La Pasita, a tiny little very traditional and the oldest cantina in Puebla (opened in 1916). The only sell Mexican liqueurs as shots, ranging in a bunch of different flavours, divided into three categories (beginner, intermediate, and professional) based on the level of alcohol they contain. One almost made me grow hairs on my chest, so i left it at that, and washed it down with a beer at the bar across the road before we headed back to Mexico city.

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