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June 27th 2015
Published: June 27th 2015
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Tent city
Hey guys. Hows it going? Im probably going to keep this short and sweet since Im kind of out of it and need to go find a restroom (internet cafes dont usually have one). Im out of it because I was pretty sick last night. Yesteray around midday started feeling funky and it ended up with me half-passed out in my hammock the rest of the day and is sucky fever. I thought it was from some bad tacos, but ended up feeling like a bad cold or flu. Who knows, these Mexican bacteria mystify me continuously. The day before yesterday the taco lady came by more times than usualy. There are numerous kinds of treats both sweet and savory, traveling by foot all over the beach and outer areas. Its awesome because youll just be chilling in the hammock when an abuela walks up with fish tacos, tamales, fried plantains or whatever else. Theyre cheap and tasty and the ladies make the rounds all throughout the day. On this day, the fish taco lady seemed really desparate and distraught. She was way sweaty and looked really uncomortable and borderline upset. She was pushing the tacos pretty hard. She would sit

Just chilling with the homies
down at our hostel and take a break sometimes too. She came back like 5 times and finally one of the times I bought 2 tacos. Shed been walking around with them all day though so even as I was putting it in my mouth I wondered if it was risky. The next morning proved my suspicious to be true. No vomiting, but definiteling sick and had a pretty bad fever last night. Fortunately, its so hot here that youll sweat out anything pretty quick. Its never under 85 at night. Almost never under 90 during the day with very high humidity. like 80% humidity at night. The people in the tents in the camping area (myself included) have it kind of rough because even with the screen, there is almost no ventilation and it jsut traps the heat in. Usually I sleep naked to be as comfortable as possible and still sweat my balls off. There is a massive amount of sweating here, pretty much all the time unless youre in the water. Also part of my tent sleeping situaton is always inevitably sand and some bugs. My screen keeps the misquitos out thank goodness but sometimes ants that

The view of our beach from Punta Cometa
bite or other lttle flies try to get on this hot bod as well. They probably are attracted to my lovely heat rash that to me is the ultimate physically expressed manifestation of whiteness. My body literally reacted as if it was allergic to this climate. Which is common, especially seeing as how for anyone having grown up in the northwest, this could be the first exposure to such a climate. Im still waiting for the last bit of my rash to go away. Adjusting was not so bad though. And there is something I love about the heat. It is so mellow here also, especially at the hostel Im staying at, La Isla. I do pretty much nothing all day, and its awesome. I swim in the ocean, hang in my hammock, meet new people and go buy delicous freshly-made juices down the street. I should be doing more writing, but Im much less productive in this heat.

Soon Ill write a more in depth post talking more about mazunte, the people Ive met, awesome food, the trip to San Jose del Pacifico etc.

P.S. the keyboards here are different. I dont know how to use some of the keys for punctuative things so dont mind my grammar


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