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January 1st 2011
Published: January 1st 2011
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We arrived in Puerto Escondido in the early morning, camping in front of a hostel until they led us in and
we crashed. The bus ride was a diseaster, the whole idea of taking a night ride and getting some sleep was lost thanks to a rally driver and his shit taste in music. At some point I popped some mystery pill I obtained at a stop and it did the job. While my head was banging against the window I happily fell into sleep, being awake and asleep at the same time and not giving a shit about it.

I didnt like Puerto Escondido. Maybe because there were no waves, this being one of the top ten surf
spots in the world it is quite a big thing. However, I managed to talk a beginner, an older guy from poland
or somewher else into giving me his board for half a day after I gave some tips how to improve his surfing, telling him what to do better and to look how I did it... at least I got some smallish waves. The highlight of the day was the iguana walking around in front of our dorm, much nicer to look at than that scorpion hiding under one of the beds.

The next day we got mugged by the police at the beach you can describe it like that, fucking corrupt cops. My new friends decided to smoke some on the beach, and there they came out of nowhere, a slimy cop and his side kick. He sat down, the gun pointing at me. Great I thought this just had to happen, everyone high and I dont even smoke, but in mexico that doesnt matter, if you are in the same group you are fucked, as the old german pirate saying goes, "you hang with them if you are caught with them".

The talking began, because appearantly we did something wrong and we had to understand that was not good, respect the country...bla bla. Some of my friends actually believed that they only wanted us to understand, then I wonder why did they take all my money, threatened to put us into jail if we didnt pay more, yeah it was just about understanding. There is a fucking drug war going on and the entire state is
corrupt but we were so lucky to find the two cops that just wanted us to see our mistake? I dont think so
and so I left 500 pesos poorer, my friends not paying anything, coz they didnt have anything.

Now, maybe we wouldnt have had to pay if we didnt have anything, like you cannont loose any money when you are mugged because you dont have any with you. Well unfortunately the world doesnt work like that, what would have happend is that we would have gotten in really deep shit. I was angry, really angry, I was sitting there next to smokers and just because of that i had to pay to get home.... fuck that.

I took a taxi, told the driver my story and how stupid everyone else was in spanish, realising that when I was a bit drunk and angry I could crank out quite a bit, left him with the rest of my money and went back to sleep.

Now that is all a bit ago now, we moved on to some other beaches, Mazunte, St Augustinillio, where I got a board and caught my first tube yesterday and finally Zipolite, where we rent a castle (seriously with a little tower and bedroom in there 😊 for christmas. Good place here, it is quiter and less guns, less police, less drugs...a great christmas but heaps of naked old men crowding the beaches... why are nudist beaches always full of old men? Time to move on...

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2nd January 2011

More pics Adrian you have a wonderful eye, happy travels
2nd January 2011

thanks, will try to upload some more soon, the internet connection in mexico is sheit though. happy travels to you too!

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