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December 25th 2009
Published: February 5th 2010
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Following the hawks that soar overhead...wings spread wide, curves turn narrow.
Never ending journeys leading us to never ending stories.
Feeling. tasting, and smelling the coast but unable to see it just a figment of our imaginations?
Pine forests begin to turn into tropical ferns and the crisp air begins to turn humid as we wind down the mountain.
Finally reaching the Pacific Ocean, I am elated to see the glistening ocean.
Scorching sand wedges between my toes and vibrant sun rays shine above my head.
I immediately run into the appetizing ocean and instantly become humbled by the natural powers of the universe and he strength of the waves.
Face in sand, water in nose, smile on face!
As I adapt to the beach life, I remind my senses to accept the sticky texture of my skin that the salt water leaves and I remember to find comfort in the residue of sand grains covering my body.
Feeling as if my relaxing slow pace is gluttony at its finest.
Fresh fish and fruit drinks satisfy my appetite before I even have the opportunity to get hungry.
Days full of sun worshiping until my pasty white skin passes through shades of pink onto those of light brown.
Burying my wet toes in cool sand as I walk the beach during the daytime.
Hiking out to Punta Cometa to ritually observe the sun as it vanishes into the ocean; the flame burns out as it hits the water.
The moon and stars shine down below, lighting the path for us to find our way home.
I am blessed to be right here, right now.


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