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October 18th 2017
Published: November 6th 2017
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Ok, the title is Italian and I'm supposed to be using Spanish, but it's one of my favorite songs. I guess this really isn't a travel blog at the moment, since I've been in the same spot for about three months. Someone smart once said that we're the average of the five people we spend the most time with. I find my personality changing based on who I surround myself with: my vernacular, my mannerisms, even my attitudes. Currently I almost never wear shoes or a shirt, and use an old cloth ribbon as a belt. My most recent dirty t-shirt is my broom to clean my domicile. A dirty shirt also acts as my fly swatter, a napkin and a pad to sit on.

I changed my mind: true love is bullshit. I changed from urban girl to gypsy girl. It was too hard to see my ex in the city, mostly due to transportation restrictions, and we truly had almost nothing in common, but I started dating another girl almost immediately. We were both on the rebound so it made sense. She wears feathers in her hair and sells homemade jewelry on the beach. She knows no English, so I'm forced to improve my Spanish more. We both like classic rock, horror movies and cuddling on the beach at sunset. Her curly hair is always perfectly tossled in the sexiest, most natural way. But it can't be true love because that isn't real.

Speaking of transportation restrictions, I'm FINALLY getting my windshield replaced. The mechanic is about a half hour away, and even though he said it would be finished yesterday, it wasn't. My girl offered to come along and help with speaking to the mechanic, because he also knows no English, and fortunately for us, her mom's old house is right down the road. So we just stayed here in La Penita on an old mattress with her old hippie friend and the dogs and spiders. I'm watching Hook in Spanish right now... classic! TV and movies are a great way to learn a new language. And I almost forgot that sword fighting with a one-handed man who can't fly is considered fair. I guess if it's to retrieve your kidnapped children, it's noble nonetheless... Dustin Hoffman. Right?

I fixed my digital multimeter using a multitool and paper clips. These tools along with duct tape, random pieces of wood, maleable wire and some glue allow me to achieve anything. I learned that a mixture of toothpaste and tequila makes for an effective backne remedy. It's kinda hard to be dry in this insane tropical heat, and it's taking a toll on my skin. I bought some coconut oil mixed with rosemary and other herbs from the hippies to help keep my skin from achieving corpse status. The guys who sold it to me swear by it; I watched them use it religiously; I'm more likely to believe in someone's product when they use it themselves without even trying to pitch it to me.


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