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June 12th 2009
Published: June 12th 2009
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Well, Ronnie and I just said our good-byes to our latest set of guests. We had a wonderful week with my mom and my Auntie (Tia) Linda visiting. It was the most relaxed of all of our visitors in our time in Mexico. Most of our days were just spent chatting, swimming, reading and eating. There wasn't much touring around. Only one night was spent in the town of Puerto Vallarta. Of course in this heat, it is difficult to do much of anything except swim or seek out shade and air conditioning.

"It will get worse," say the locals. "This is the dry heat. Wait until the rains come and it gets very muggy."

You mean this is not muggy now? When I get out of the shower, I have about 5 minutes before I start sweating. Others have told us that the summer is the best time to be here. Only locals are around and all the restaurants cut their prices. We'll see. All three of us are pretty nervous about it I think. Hotter than it is now? Oh boy.

It is very sad to see just how devastated Mexico is from the slew of
At a beachside restaurantAt a beachside restaurantAt a beachside restaurant

with a great view
unfortunate events. In my time in the United States, I was always asked if I was afraid to be in Mexico. Wasn't I scared of the cartels? Of the swine flu? Of the crime? Of earthquakes? And my answer was always no. And all of this fear has murdered tourism in Mexico. It is so sad to go to some great restaurants where we are the only customers. Hotels are empty. Condos are open. The beaches are barren.

I wish for all the best for Mexico. I really do.

So now it is just Ronnie and I in our condo. We are looking forward to some down time to figure out what we want to do in the future. It will give us a time to play video games, cook together and just catch up with each other. Speaking of cooking, I think I am going to go make us a mango smoothie.

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The family in the waterThe family in the water
The family in the water

while Byron watches
At Barcelona Tapas on the RooftopAt Barcelona Tapas on the Rooftop
At Barcelona Tapas on the Rooftop

in downtown Puerto Vallarta

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