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September 1st 2007
Published: September 3rd 2007
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I went on two dives today; one reef and one drift. It was just me and the dive leader, Fausto. Unlike Australian dive leaders where they point to sea life, here they dig for it and pull it out. As was the case when Fausto dug around under a rock for an octopus and pulled it out. The poor thing must have been traumatised because it released so much ink to defend itself, I could barely see him. Then Fausto put it on my hand and asked me to pat it for a photo (I haven't developed the roll yet but I'm also holding a spiked puffer fish on it too!). In the time it took for him to take the photo, the octopus crawled up my arm and after a few attempts to pull it off, it wouldn't budge. Fausto gave it another hard yank and it let go but left tiny suction marks up my arm, they look like love bites. We didn't dive with wet suits and I think I got stung by a jellyfish of some sort. I have sting marks in tentacle formations up my leg and when I scratch it there's no relief like a mozzie bite and it stings like a bastard when I scratch it so so I'm trying not to touch it. I also have them up my arms. Not good.

I'm wearing the Australian flag bikini Libby kindly sent me. You'd be surprised how many people ask me if I'm from England. At least they don't ask if I'm from America.

The haircut is working well. The leers and comments from sleazy men have dropped and here in PV they ask "do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" The poofs and dykes are ultra-friendly here too.


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