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September 3rd 2007
Published: September 5th 2007
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Today the others went on a Tequila tour. I decided to stay in the city to have a look around by myself. I'm missing my alone time terribly. I also managed to find a UPS to finally send Libby my cowboy boots, I've been lugging them around all week. That's my last big purchase to send home, it cost me US$120 to send because of the weight.

Next door to our hotel is a shop called Queer Nation. It has a cafe, homo art gallery and store selling rainbow merchandise. It's like a little oasis.

There are lots of body piercing places here so I bought new jewellery for my septum piercing. I haven't worn anything other than a retainer in it for twelve years. I'm finally in a position where I can wear jewellery that I don't have to hide. It looks pretty good for a piecing that people says looks like a bullring.

I asked the others how the tequila tour went yesterday. They said they learnt a lot, an interesting point was that Jose Cuervo tequila is considered the worst tequila by Mexicans and is only considered good my foreigners because that's the only one we get in our liquor stores. I guess it's like how foreigners think Corona is a good imported beer but Mexicans think it's rubbish.


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