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November 23rd 2009
Published: November 23rd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, I guess I can say that the countdown is officially on 6 days until I leave Toronto and go on a month long adventure! We wrapped up work on Friday, and it was quite sad, cleaning out the office and saying our goodbyes. It was quite bittersweet as I loved my job and the people I worked with but there was a sort of relief to realize that the 6 months of transition were over, and we could all begin to move on to bigger and better things (hopefully!!).

Before I take the next steps in my career, I am heading south for a month to visit some friends, see some new lands, practice my Argentine Spanish, and eat a ton of great food and drink even more great wine!

My travels will begin on Sunday, and I will be going to Pachuca, Mexico. Now, this might be a weird place to start my travels, however I used to live there, and couldn't imagine going south without visiting my best friend there. Pachuca itself is not the most beautiful place, but apparently it has grown a lot since I visited in June 2008. Real del Monte and Mineral del Chico are 2 towns just outside of Pachuca, and they are especially quaint, If anyone is in DF and has the opportunity, I would reccomend the bus ride to Pachuca to check out these two little towns.

Proceeding my 5 day stay in Pachuca, I will be heading to Santiago, Chile and then over to Argentina. Itinerary is bleak, planning to play it by ear until Urugauy. If anyone has suggestions/reccomendations please don't hesitate to comment on the way.

Going to start my shopping later on today!!


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