Heading beach wards..... barefoot....

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February 10th 2019
Published: February 11th 2019
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The winding three hour descent from San Jose to the Oaxacan coast was accompanied by rising temperatures, increasing humidity and the gradual accretion of coconut palms and those towering potassium-rich herbs we know as bananas. Pochutla is the bustling little hub of a town from which camionettas depart to Zipolite or Puerto Escondido. Not being gay or naturists (although Laura will dispute th... Read Full Entry

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11th February 2019

Spectacular scenery and can taste the flavor of the place.... hope you both are having a real great time.
12th February 2019
One for the infectious disease crowd

I had to post this in our 'Signs, Signs & more Signs' thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out. Thought provoking as the mozzies play!
12th February 2019

Catches the mood nicely
15th February 2019
Naturist in cape - one for V.

My eyes, my eyes!
You seem relatively calm about the stolen shoes! Or has the sting reduced with time? We leave our walking shoes outside all the time... but I'm sure your story will run through my mind whenever we do it from now on. So Zipolite lived up to it's reputation then? I'm certainly not a prude, but jeez, copping an eyeful of dangly bits every time we step outside isn't my idea of a relaxing beach escape :)
15th February 2019
Naturist in cape - one for V.

Yeah, the boots...... no use crying over..... replacement (Mexican) boots cost $45 (two pairs) - my bunion is going to suffer.... Re the dangly bits: fortunately we're both medically trained... and short-sighted... Just back from La Paz and a swim with some whale sharks. Onwards tomorrow to San Christobal. Still loving Mexico! A&A.

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