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September 24th 2007
Published: September 24th 2007
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Well.... I want to give everybody a little bit more information on GTO and then I'll blog about my weekend in Mexico City.

Guanajuato, GTO is a SMALL town. I would have to compare it to a Moonville or Tryon in size. There are no stoplights, and the town was built before there were cars so there are now these crazy tunnels where they use to mine that cars now travel though. It is the only place in Mexico with tunnels like that. We walk just about everywhere and if it is dark or we are lazy we will travel by bus or by taxi. To travel by bus it is about 4 pesos or 4cents and to travel by taxi it ranges from 25 pesos (2.50) to 35 pesos (3.50). It is cheap but trust me it can definitely add up.

GTO as we call it in our program, is now experiencing a great GREAT climate. Now that the hurricanes and rainy season our over. It is like summer. It does get cool in the night but nothing a sweater or jacket can't fix.

FUN FACT- Like any where else in Mexico you can't flush the toilet paper and the water is actually heated by a gas tank. Like a true standalone gas tank. Every single morning like clock work the gasman passes yelling GAS GAS GAS GAS for those people who need to purchase a new tank.

I live in Las Embajadoras, and many people in my group are pretty envious. My side of town is the closet to El Centro, and is easy to walk to and from. I also live very close to the new Gym (Underfit) where I am a member. (Sorry mom and dad the Holiday Inn where you will stay is out of the town but it's very nice) My home is set up just like a town home with a few different uses loll. The first floor is actually a shoe factory. My family makes miners boots and it has been told to me by a few locals that their shoes are the best. On the Second level is the main living quarters, with a living room with a TV, a kitchen/dining area, and 3 bedrooms and a bath. On the 3rd floor is my room. My room has a great view over the entire city and also there is access to the terrace. I don't spend much time on the Terrance lol because of Simba (THE BIGGGG DOG).

On September 15 we celebrated Mexican Independence Day (YES WORLD MAY 5 is not Mexican Independence Day). It was amazing. We woke up late and spent the afternoon at our favorite cafe. As I have had time to reflect on that experience I can honestly say that Mexico as a whole is proud to be Mexico. I have never experienced an Independence Day like that ever.

The following day I attended a barbeque at a friend’s house. Now let me just say I was so ready for a bar-b-que hamburger or something. Well when Diana's mom called us out we were all pumped and to our surprise they were grilling enchiladas. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES? I was totally shocked but then had to remember O YEA. I'm in Mexico lol. I will say they were the best-grilled Enchiladas I've ever had.

School. I live about 15 to 20 min away from school (depending on how slow I walk) and it is an amazing hugeee building like on a mountain. Classes are becoming more and more challenging but I'm holding strong and doing my work. I have my first project due this coming week but we also have our first HOLIDAY this Friday. It is supposed to be a great big celebration day with parades starting bright and early and lots of festivities. We already have plans to get up early and watch the parades from yes our favorite place El Cafe.

I miss everyone so much and would love to have visitors. Cervantino is starting in 2 weeks and will be a lot of fun. The invited country is China and they will be putting on a ballet and some symphonies. So far I have tickets to see a DJ competition (lol) and an Argentina Tango Exposition. I would also like to see something with the invited country. My cell phone works but my mother expects a check lol if you call.

Yes the food. I know that's a burning question. The food is actually quite tasty, but VERY VERY spicy. It is rare that I don’t have a stomachache after a great meal. I really enjoy eating the Mexican pizza, tortas, "street" tacos, and hot dog carts (yes the hot dogs are so good here). The hot dog is a Mexican delicacy of the sorts. They put it in the eggs, on the pizza, as a hot dog (I’m having hotdogs for lunch today lol). The best thing about the hot dogs here are they put all kinds of great fresh toppings like salsa, and cooked onions. (Dad when you come I'll take you to the best hot dog cart in town). My eating habits have obviously adapted to my surroundings but I do miss a few things: spaghetti sauce, ZAXBY's, big thick steaks, and above all else I miss whatever mom cooks lol. DREAM DINNERSSSSS!!!

MOM and DAD - something is up with my cell phone it only works when it is on the charger I'm going to buy a battery for it this week at the TelCel store, they are the Verizon of Mexico and they sell chocolate phones

KEITH - I've told EVERYONE here all about you and you have to come visit.

LINDA - CALL ME you are impossible to find IMPOSSIBLE

EVERYONE ELSE - I miss you very much and I can't believe that I have already been away for a month but that means I am one month closer to returning

All right I think I have covered just about everything I can think of but the next blog this evening will be about my weekend in Mexico City. I stayed in a hostel, and did the really touristy things you only see on TV.

As we say here in GTO




24th September 2007

You will appreciate this
Hi Megan, I am so glad you are doing what you are doing. Do it well and bring your heart to others. Saturday night after the App State game I took three of my four kids to a Mexican restaurant we like. The waiter kept saying to my four year old "Que princesa! Una princesa preciosa! Ay, que princesa eres." When he left my daughter looked at me with a questioning stare and said, "Papa, how did HE know that I am princess??" I thought you, the Black Princess, would especially appreciate my daughter's reaction. Saludos--y por que te escribo en ingles? JCA

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