Room 101

Published: September 14th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Right, sorry about the brashness of this but I've got about twenty minutes on this thing that the hostal claim is a computer to upload some photo's and write something.

Right. Where to start. Mexico City has to be the most of it's tits place on planet Earth. Strong words are needed to describe this place so if you're offended by swearing just look at the pictures. My hostal, the Hostal Joven Catedral, is about thirty seconds waklk from the Plaza de la Constitucion, a massive square in the middle of the city bordered on two sides by the cathedral and the main government offices. So as you can imagine, it's pretty much the centre of everything. I've been lucky to get five hours sleep since I got here. Not that I'm complaining...

So, day one. I stumble into the hostal, mildy hallucinating after about thirty hours without sleep, and book into room 101. In all honesty I can't remember to much after that, apart from being chuffed at finding a Pizza Hut, but in my dosy state the room number made me laugh at least.

The next day, during breakfast, I catch wind of a trip to the Estadio Azteca being planned by the hostal. Mexico were playing Honduras later that night, and somehow the hostal had got their hands on a few tickets. Well, two minibuses worth. I couldn't think of a better introduction to Mexican culture than drinking for twelve hours and screaming obscenities at people. It was just like home. So, a few beers later we all pile into these minibuses for the Stadium. And the Estadio Azteca is something else. A massive concrete bohemoth which when sold out holds around 110,000. Around 90,000 were around for the Honduras game, but the noise was still incredible. I actually felt sorry for the Honduras team, whose players named were greeted with a collective 'SON OF A BITCH!' when they were read aloud on the tannoy. The goalkeeper got the most stick, with one of the biggest sports crowds on the planet screaming 'man-whore' at him whenever he touched the ball.

I'm cutting this short as I've completly ran out of time, but I'll get back to this story of ale and abuse at some point, sorry!!

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14th September 2009

Is right Creeney.
Glad you're having a laugh and settling into Mexican culture so well lad. What was the result of the match? Do you remember? Some of those pictures look amazing... I didn't know there were pyramids in Mexico... xx
15th September 2009

See you found your camera wire, great pictures. I can show Nan where you are. See you love Mum x
15th September 2009

Alreet lad, Nice pictures, are these the censored set? If you can get hold of, with minimum fuss, a French person, McFly or Lenny Henry could you please lock them up in room 101 and set fire to it, would be greatly appreciated!! Wayne
16th September 2009

have a great time and a beer for us speak soon
17th September 2009

i wanna see a man with a poncho and a sombrero. plus u owe me a sombrero after lossing my other 1 lol. good luck man and mario karts missing ya.
2nd October 2009

Hispanic football supporters
Only one thing to say to them, Paul: "Nunca andares solo."
7th October 2009

Hi Paul
Sounds really exciting. Wish I was there rather than stuck in work. Glad I found your blog etc. I will be able to keep an eye on your travels. Have you had a hair cut yet? I have. Ha!

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