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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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So we've come in search of white horses but alas, the town was actually named after the water rapids that resembled the manes of white horses.
Why Whitehorses of all places to visit? Well, Jo-ann and I found a great airfare deal to come up for the weekend including three nights hotel so we jumped aboard that deal. I think i have to take what adventures I can admist the negligence & liability, constitutional and property law thats bogging me down! It was evident on the flight that the great divide between Edmonton and Calgary extends to well, airplanes. Despite booking together, Jo and I could not find seats together as the Edmonton passengers sat separately on one side of the plane from the Calgarians.

Jo and I have set off on this fine snowy saturday morning to check out the town. I'm pleasantly suprised as I thought Whitehorse would be a ramshackle town. Rather, there is a pleasant mountain feel to it and also contains a thriving arts community, fair trade organic coffee shops and even a Starbucks (in addition to the Tim Horten's, Dairy Queen, Wal-mart and Subway). As evidence of the artsiness (and perhaps eccentricity) of the citizens here, I'll a picture of these birkenstocks being sold at the local outdoor store. We thought no one in their right mind would wear these garish Birks but apparently they're a popular seller (I guess what do we really know... being city folk and all).

I think we're going to rent a car tonight, check out the Takhini hot springs and drive to Skagway Alaska tomorrow.

Local trivia for the day: Up until the 1940s the RCMP Mounties used sled dogs as their only winter means of transportation.
Early in the day, circa 1900s, the lone mountie posted at a wilderness town was quite the multi-talented man. His other duties may have included: customs agent, dentist, doctor, undertaker, marriage certifier, etc. What a man. He'd be a fine catch to any woman!

Pix up soon!

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