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September 9th 2016
Published: September 6th 2016
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Dawson City September

There is a chill in the air and the nights grow colder, the colours of fall are starting to peak out in patches of amber, copper and orange on the mountains. The town is slowly shutting down stores starting to close up for the winter and yet the locals are coming to life soon there friends and family will be done working at the mining camps and the tourists will disappear they'll have there town back the real parties will begin the town will come together and the new locals will meet the lifers. what was just a tourist town in the summer will become a community of neighbors and friends, with stories of life at camp and everything they did over the summer. Its a place that lives and dies in the winter a place that can be cold and dark but with the crystal clear sky's covered in stars and the northern lights dancing and sweeping across the night in shades of green, purple and pink. The sun hasn't completely abandoned us yet but after months of not seeing stars its a welcome change of pace and the words winter is coming has a different meaning. Its time to get ready for the long winter ahead and here is a place that the locals embrace winter for all the wonders it can hold. I'm not from here and with how fast it all seems to be changing i feel a little fear in what a long winter might bring for me. I've never been much of a winter person and for me this will be a life changing experience full of exciting new adventures there is so much i am excited to do to help me learn to love winter.

for now i am falling in love with autumn with sweaters and layers and enjoying whats left of the warm days hiking the trails as much as i can eating at all the restaurants that will soon be closing... and mostly trying to embrace this change in pace. It was only the beginning of September when i noticed the northern lights for the first time and they changed from green to purple it was better then expected, i never knew that they went across the entire sky the way they do and although i have noticed them getting better and better i will never forget the feeling i got when i saw them for the first time.

thanks for reading 😊 i look forward to your comments


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