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August 26th 2018
Published: August 26th 2018
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Saskatchewan Road Trip

My boyfriend at time would joke around about all these weird and odd town names that Saskatchewan,Canada had to offer. He would say things like you have to go through "Big Beaver" to get to "Climax"or talk about a town called Flin Flon. So we when went to visited his family in September I wanted to see a least some of those towns with such random names. One day early in the morning we decided to go on a little road trip starting in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Once we left Regina all we could see were farms, I believe they even call the province the Kansas of Canada.

The roads did not bend and it was pretty much flat. Once in a while we passed a few trees and a couple of farm houses. The first place we stopped at was Moose Jaw to take pictures of the Biggest Moose. Later that week we would come back here with is mom to visit the tunnels of Moose Jaw, which are pretty interesting and definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the area. Once we left Moose Jaw it was a couple of hours of driving before we hit the next town called Swift Current. This town was a lot smaller and apart from a a couple of shops and a bar there was not much going on here.

The drive between towns was very long, but the further South we drove the hillier it became and there were less and less farm around. It was really pretty to drive through the hills and with the sun slowly setting it put everything in a beautiful fall light. While the drive was very long we got to see loads of deer crossing the road, no moose unfortunately. In the late afternoon we finally made it to Climax and of course we had to take pictures of the town sign. And if you believe it or not when you drive into Climax the sign will greet you "Welcome to Climax" and when you leave it will say "Please Come Again". I am sure they knew exactly what they were doing there.

The town itself is very small and apart from a little grocery store, a post office and a little bar there was not much to do there. We did however decided to visit the local bar and apart from the owner of the place there was no one in there. When we sat down he of course had to ask "What brings you to Climax?" Putting that aside it was really nice to chat with the guy. He told us a little bit about the community and why he decided to move up here and open a bar. After we finished our beer and Steven trying himself out at the electric guitar on the little stage we said goodbye and headed further east.

I still wanted to visit Big Beaver that day which on the map didn't seem that far. I was wrong and it took about two hours to get there. On the way we passed a couple more towns called Fir and Wood Mountain, I am not making this up. When we arrived Big Beaver it was already dark and apart from the town hall that had a picture of a beaver on it there was not much to see. We thought we would at least be able to grab a bite to eat here as it was already 8pm and we had not dinner yet, but there was nothing. We turned around and about an hour back we found a little bar that still served food in a town called Coronach. After that we headed back home. On the way we almost hit a couple of deer because it was so dark you could barley see the roads. I think I must have fallen asleep when Steven woke me up and ask me if I wanted to see the Northern Lights. We stopped the car and got out. It was the first time I've seen them and it was absolutely magical.

We got back home around midnight and while Saskatchewan is not a place most people go when they visit Canada I am really glad that I got to see it.

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27th August 2018

Glad you are blogging again
Recently discovered your blog. Life is an adventure.

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