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September 30th 2019
Published: October 4th 2019
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Today's the flight to Tokyo but not until 3:00pm, so I figured I'd wander around the area of my Hotel in Chinatown in the morning before checking out and going to the airport. Nothing particularly eventful happened, except on one street a shabby man turned and started following me. I can never tell if these type of people are people that have some sort of mental disability or are on some sort of drugs so I continued on cautiously aware of him while going about my business which was just wandering. I feel like he could have been after my phone if it was in my back pocket but i had already removed my phone from my pocket before entering the neighbourhood and put it elsewhere.

I entered the supermarket at one point just to look around and was surprised that their uniforms are so intriguing here. There's a design and they stand out especially with the hats which i thought was very French. That's just how it felt to me, very French. I don't mean that in a bad way, I liked the look. Back home in NL, it's generally just a vest or a sweatshirt.

My taxi driver on the way to the airport, started off very nice. I generally stay quiet because I assume they cant speak English unless they try to talk to me first and I cant keep a conversation going in French, but also that's just how I am. I don't make small talk, it's not my forte. Anyway, he was normal until we got to the Airport, until he pulled over to let me out and the car behind us honked at him to move, he just had a temper blow out. Parked the car, I paid, he opened the back, he man behind was still honking his horn at him so he started yelling at him then threw my bags towards the curb while going towards the other car. Meanwhile, I'm panicking because my wallet zipper got stuck on the seatbelt and I can't get it free. Psycho cabbie is out yelling at buddy behind us . FML. I get it free, grab my bags and get the hell out of there.

Finally checked in, I meet up with Joanne at the restaurant outside our gate then get our 13 hour flight to Tokyo. As far as flights go, the Tokyo run is pretty decent, 3 meals which were not great not horrible, food is food, plus the entertainment system on board is tight. I watched the new Pet Semetary, IT part 1 and then just TV like Arrested Development. Generally I can sleep on planes but I just couldn't get a nap in on this flight.


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