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June 12th 2011
Published: June 12th 2011
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Sometimes simple things are the best. Today, nothing fancy. Got up (zero degree as usual), had breakfast, fixed my bike, packed a lunch, a book, binoculars, camera. Then I took off, north of town. There is a road, not sure exactly how long it is, between 25 and 35 km according to people, but it is a great way of getting out of town. It was sunny when I left and it felt quite nice and warm.

Kuujjuaq is really at the border between small trees and no trees. So as soon as you go north, pretty soon it is the toundra. So after a while, I stopped, parked my bike where there was a big rock and ended up spending the whole day at that place. It was one of the rare warm, sunny, nearly windless day, and most of all: still no bugs yet!

I was in the territory of a horned lark that I had fun following now and then with my binoculars. I also saw a couple white-crowned sparrows. It had been a while since I spent time bird watching and I had such a great time doing it. I heard a loon, which surprised
Near KuujuaqNear KuujuaqNear Kuujuaq

The river is now open!
me, I always liked that sound so much. Never saw the bird.

I read, drank tea, ate my lunch, read some more, relaxed. I admired the dozens of different kinds of mosses and lichens, and the display of colors they create on the rocky toundra. When I realized I was sitting in a berry patch, I dug out my empty lunch container and started picking cranberries. I had another cup of tea in the afternoon with a piece of amazing dark chocolate (thanks Buddy!). Then I slowly headed back home (my thermometer had reached 20) to find out that I suffer from a severe case of raccoon eyes. Could be worse.

That was my day. Made a really nice simple supper, sorted the leaves, lichen and dirt from my berries, and now I send you a few more pictures of the area. Did I mention I am sitting in my lazy boy chair with my feet up?

A pretty perfect Sunday.

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The Koksoak RiverThe Koksoak River
The Koksoak River

Seen from Kuujjuaq
My first berry picking day!My first berry picking day!
My first berry picking day!

Last year's cranberries, nicely preserved thanks to the cold climate! A big soft but very tasty!
Me, my bike and I...Me, my bike and I...
Me, my bike and I...

And a cup of tea!

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