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July 15th 2011
Published: July 31st 2011
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How I got there

Beauty send off by the fam and the bys. Unfortunately no pics of the bys. Quite the God Damner of a plane too I tells ya!

How are ya kids? Welcome to my travel blog. As some of you may know, I'll be overseas for the next 6 months in Africa and India. As a result, in order to keep in touch and tell yas what I'm doin, whats goin on, how she goin, etc. I figure I'd start bloggin it up. Also, I see it as a way to include you in the learning experience that I am about to slide into. Not many get to do what I'm about to do and I feel extremely fortunate and thankful for the opportunity that has come into my glove. So while I'll be given'er, I'm gonna try an bring you along for the ride as well.

I'm gonna be in some of the poorest countries in the world. Tanzania and India are for sure stops on my 6 months tour, but I also hope to head to Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and hopefully more along the way (as long as the funds and the time permit me to do so). And although I will be tourin around some of the beauty sites these countries have to offer, I am primarily here to volunteer for a foundation that is tryin to help out a small farmin village 30 mins out off our town, Shinyanga Tanzania.

I hope this blog will be a good read overall for ya, and hopefully illustrate how life is in these parts of the world for those who may not know much abouter. So in closing I hope you enjoy the blog, feel free to cherp, question, comment, say how are ya, whatever. I’ll also be on facebook and probably on twitter too in order to spread the word and keep in touch with the by’s an betties back home.

Taker easy,
Matt Jaworski.

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