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September 15th 2010
Published: September 15th 2010
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Graveyard of Sugar, Fat and the Western Diet
Day 1

After much pessimism, self-mockery, and a staunch refusal to join in the Gwenth Paltrow cult following, I have notheless decided to foray into the supreme -health-world of Dr. Joshi. That's right- 21 days of no sugar, no coffee, no fat, no wheat, no fruit (except bananas) no ketchup or jam like substances of any kind and certainly no preservatives. Did I mention no booze? Basically I will be reverting to a cave-woman existence here in the capital of all things Canadian, Ottawa.
Why, OH-Why you may ask would a healthy young woman go to such extreme measures of self deprivation? Especially one with a genetically enhanced addiction to dark chocolate and anything covered in salt that goes crunch? JOSHI PROMISES MIRACLES, and not just in the waste line, I"m talking skin, energy, mental functions. Is it wrong for me to want my liver to smile again? Much schooled in the philosophy of reasoning and formal logic, I'm not one to normally fall for such Hollywood endorsed claims but recently I watched one of my bff's completely turn around her lifestyle and health by following 21 torturous days of Joshifying
Joshi Detox Friendly ChickenJoshi Detox Friendly ChickenJoshi Detox Friendly Chicken

Dinner with a garden salad- starting off with a bang
herself. She now looks like the former teenage model I had only known in pictures, and rubs her belly with a wide smile saying "no more belly-aches!" Looking down at my own waist-ine I see more friendly extensions of happiness than ever before. True, I may be happier in my existence and more settled into a particular apartment/city/path then in the last ten years...but that's really no excuse for translating extra-happy into extra-indulgent. Somewhere between settling down into Ottawa I settled into a steady ice-cream and fennel bread heavy diet with most dinners happening between 9 and 10pm. Exercise? You mean biking 3 blocks to the grocery store? Right Dr Joshi, I hear you all the way from your elite offices in Dubai and London- "exercise 3 times a week madame!" It's not a revolutionariy idea, but here's hoping!
Ok, so why blog about it? Having recently come to terms with my inability to follow through with any health regiment, detox or even work-out schedule this blog is a last resort on (b)accountability(/b). For once I have the TIME (my favourite excuse) to dedicate to something, and the end of the Joshi detox will coincide nicely with my birthday. Who
Lemon Water CleanseLemon Water CleanseLemon Water Cleanse

Some detoxes would have you drink a concoction of lemon water + paprika+ maple syrup and ONLY this "lemonade" for 10 days. Thank you Dr.Joshi for limiting the lemon to a refreshing morning routine
doesn't want to look extra slim for her mid-twenty birthday pictures hmmm? Plus, I love taking pictures of food, cooking, and writing narcissistic additions to this blog. So goodbye summer, hello Joshi!

Day 1
Breakfast: banana drizzled with almond butter
Lunch: brown rice with curried lentil and vegetable stew
Snack: Sesame rice crackers, sliced fresh red peppers
Dinner: Lemon and Herb chicken, garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette (home-made concoction with oil+ lemon)
Drink: warm lemon water in the morning, green tea, lots of water

What I miss most: Roquefort blue cheese on my salad

Weight- 128lbs

Starting off right, feeling energetic and dedicated. Let's see what happens when the roommates start baking fresh fudge brownies and banana-chocolate chip muffins!


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