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February 25th 2008
Published: February 25th 2008
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yes, you're reading the right blog, not Tonya Todman's (for the benefit of the Aussies).

I have found my Knifty Knitter and am already the proud owner of two hand-made alpaca beanies/toques, and am taking orders!

I spent my day off checking the greenhouses, then visiting with a new friend downtown, just to see how much (or how little) downtown Kingston has changed. Then my friend Karen picked me up and we went for a brisk stroll through Lemoine Park in the snow, followed by a cup of tea - very civilised. Am now in the kitchen cooking up this week's batch of lunches, also known as leftover vegetable soup, high in complex cabbage acids and zucchini fiber (stop snoring).

Am now in Canadian time zone, but still having trouble remembering which day it is, as work days are basically most days, following the same schedule of waking, eating, transplanting small plants, eating, showering and sleeping. So a day off with some friends is a delightful change of pace, although I did forget to pick up more wool for my beanies.

Thinking of beginning an investment portfolio, but have no idea where to start - any ideas out there? Not for my own personal income, but as part of my new scheme. There's a microfinancing organisation called Kiva which organises micro-loans (as small as $25) for people in developing countries, typically to establish small business in their local communities. I figure I could invest a few thousand dollars that I don't desperately need myself, and use the dividends off the portfolio to finance some micro-loans. Still in the research stages, but the investment part has to be organised first, so any help from anyone that has any involvment or history of investing in anything would be greatly appreciated!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. More pictures when I've got some!

Ciao to all,



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