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July 19th 2006
Published: August 15th 2006
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this is a world heratage site lots of old houses

July19, 20, 2006. It was to be a 14 hour ferry ride that turned into 18 hours, one long day. We are back to N. Sydney, Nova Scotia. The mail, in the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada, has not been great, last year in Alberta and British Columbia it was more efficient. Oh well, we don’t need anything and it all can wait.
July 21, 2006. N. Sydney to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. The fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada, was once a busy fortified seaport. From its founding by the French in1713 to its abandonment by the British in 1768, Louisbourg was a place of significance in the Franco-British struggle fore empire. The history goes like this, the French founded Louisbourg, (no mention of the natives that lived here forever),in 1713 and established a major fishing port, built a fortress and thought they were safe. The Brits, along with the New England Colonists attacked in 1744 and took over. The British negotiated a treaty and then gave this land back to France, the colonists were not happy campers. England again asked the colonists to fight to regain this land. Well, as history tells it, the New England Colonists regained the territory, but blew up the fortress making it useless to everyone.
Today the fun begins and dozens of costumed animators become the town’s residents of the summer of 1744 and the actors take their jobs as “serious fun”. We watched the cannons being fired along with the muskets. We visited the Governor’s mansion and the enlisted men’s bare and cold barracks. The allotment of food was meager, disease was common, but for most it was better than being homeless in France. All in all it was a fascinating visit.
Home for tonight is the Louisbourg Motor-Home RV Park.
July 22, 2006. We drive to Halifax, over 300 miles, keep in mind the roads are not like our Interstate Highways, so it takes all day.

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16th August 2006

I find it amazing that 300 km. from Cape Breton to Halifax was going to take you all day. We do have highways. Were you on a donkey?

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