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July 10th 2011
Published: July 16th 2011
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So when I asked my friend Dana when she'd be home this summer, she told me that she'd only be home over the Labour Day weekend (by which time I'd already be back in Honduras), and then asked when I was planning on coming to Vancouver. This began the beginning of my decision to be a tourist in my own country this summer!

Mom was able to find me a pretty good seat sale with WestJet and so my 2 week plans began. I messaged a bunch of friends who live in Vancouver and arranged to meet up with several people.

So on the 9th it began: Mom, Dad, and I were off to Toronto for the night, as they were flying out to Newfoundland the same day I was flying to Vancouver (I planned it that way on purpose) so we all did dinner and the night in a hotel.

I'm not a fan of early morning flights (despite having done many to Honduras) as we were up at 4:30am and off to the airport. My flight left 30 minutes before Mom and Dad's but their gate was directly across mine so we all waited around together.

The flight was about 5 hours. I was able to watch 2 movies AND knit a baby hat 😉

Once I arrived in Vancouver, I collected my bag and headed for the skytrain. It was funny not having to go through customs or anything.

Skytrain was SUPER easy (and the daypass was only $9, so CHEAP transportation from airport to downtown as well!)

I found my way to Pam's apartment, which is right downtown and where I'd be staying the first night. Pam and I used to work at Camp Bimini together many years ago and I'm spending many nights with her and her roommate Katie while I'm here in Vancouver. It's been great to reconnect after so long!

So I had hardly arrived at Pam's and my friend Stacey met me for lunch. Stacey was one of my campers at Camp Centauri for a summer and then was on staff with me for a couple years. Her and I walked down to the harbourfront, along the water, through "Gastown" and found a nice patio for lunch and some catching up. She then had to go pack for Hong Kong (she was leaving the next day so I was SUPER lucky to get a visit in) and I headed back to Pam's to get changed for dinner.

While killing time before dinner, I ran into a salsa party that was happening in Robson Square. Apparently this is a weekly event. They have lessons at 3pm, a show at 5pm, and dancing from 3-7pm EVERY Sunday. I was loving it. Although I didn't get up and jump in the crowd of strangers, I definitely sat and watched (and enjoyed the Latin music) for a good 45 minutes.

Dinner was a reunion of high school people: my dance teacher Janis, my musical director Martina, my jazz company choreographer Meg (Hannah), Meg's mom, Janis's daughter Meg (also a dear friend of mine), and long time friend Dana. Janis and Martina had been in town for a wedding, and the rest live out this way, so it was a surprise to get us all together, but so great. What a nice dinner we had at Milestone's. It was SO nice to catch up. We ended up being there for about 4 hours before parting ways! We decided we'd have to do it again soon... next time Hawaii??? 😉

It was then back to Pam's to sleep and get ready for another exciting day coming up... to be continued...


16th July 2011

Yay Vancouver!!
so happy u came out this way!!

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