Alaska trip day 7

Published: July 12th 2016
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Stayed overnight in Jasper. Very cute town with tons of stuff to see and do. Little time and must move so just spent the night and left.

Left Jasper on Highway 1 East and went to the city of Hinton to Walmart to get a USB cable since I lost one.

Met some folks in the parking lot and had a great conversation as he was retired from the oil field in Ft McMurray.

Too highway 40 north through William A Switzer provincial park. Excellent scenery and saw a truck that had hit a moose. Wish I had stopped and took a picture. Massive damage and no one was around. It then hit me of the size of this country that you could do this in the middle of nowhere and it could be awhile till someone finds you. Do not know how long the truck was sitting there.

Planned to make Grand Prairie for the night.

Just outside of town saw a guy standing by a motorcycle on the side of the road. Stopped and asked and he was out of gas. I went 10 miles to the town north and got him a can and gas and took back to him.

We hugged and left. This is the biker brotherhood. He was headed to Prudhoe Bay. Would love to go there but 400 miles of gravel is not for my kind of bike. He was riding a BMW off road hybrid.

Got to Grand Prairie and spent the night at a best western.

No pictures this day because its all mountains and trees just like other days.

Did see a couple of mountain sheep on the road and took a picture.

See you on day 8


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