One Major Decision, part 2

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February 17th 2012
Published: February 18th 2012
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Thursday morning, still with Ian’s thoughts in my head, I wrote it down and tried to crash out. In the morning, I phoned my father-in-law. I posed Ian’s theory to him. Explained what was going on. He spoke for over an hour with me. He gave me his opinion on Ian’s theory and gave sound advice on dealing with salespeople at dealerships. Thanking him I contact Peace River, only to learn that my credit application efforts last night failed because someone this vary morning had purchased the Trail Team Edition. A sigh of relief fell over me. Another FJ gone, they were falling out everywhere. We ended up at Mayfield Toyota, Thursday night to test-drive a 2006 Tacoma 4x4 and a red 2008 FJ. Upon arrival we were given keys to the Tacoma. Taking off out the lot. I drove west. Down side streets. Over bumps. Out onto an empty field. Tested the 4x4. Then returned to the dealership to learn that the red FJ had been sold to wholesale. I smiled. Explaining to Alex, because Dominique was M.I.A. that Dominique was suppose to have held it for us to test drive? Confused and slightly peeved. I breathed. Fine. “Can we take the black FJ out to compare it to the Tacoma?” Alex said yes. And that he’d been warming it up.

Back down the side streets. Over the bumpy lane, to the same field we went. Set it into 4x4. Locked the rear locker. Climbed up and down a couple hills. Took it out of 4x4. And drove back to the dealership. Nerves still causing stress. “Would you like to put a deposit down?” Alex asked. “No thank you. I’m not sure which I…” then Shauna interrupted, “he has a difficult time buying a pair of shoes in a week. So, for him to know that he wants to buy a Toyota is a HUGE step in the right direction.” Smiling. I giggled. Stating it was the truth. Alex said, “Sleep on it. Then give Dominique a call in the morning.” We thanked him and left. I tossed left. Tossed right. Rolled around. I couldn’t sleep. I woke up without an answer. My head said, “go with the Tacoma.” I emailed my brother. He emailed back. His vote: I LOVED my FJ. Shauna’s vote: But what will make you happiest. My vote: Undecided. I called the insurance company. Ashleigh quoted me two rates. One for Tacoma. One for FJ. Then told me the Tacoma rate was higher because the Tacoma is a higher risk vehicle for an accident. Even the insurance company was saying, “Go FJ.” Thinking the stress was keeping me from eating. I felt jittery. I smiled. I called Dominique. He didn’t answer. I tried the dealership. He wasn’t there. Again M.I.A. I phoned the dealership again, this time asking for Alex. They put Alex on the phone. “Hey this is Aaron from last night, can I talk to you about the 4x4’s?” “Sure. But I’m with a client. Can I call you back in an hour?” “Sure.” An hour later Alex and I were on the phone discussing prices. I made an offer. A low baller. I knew it. Alex said to me, “if you put a deposit down of $500, my managers will know you are serious about buying this vehicle and they will actually take your offers seriously. Plus this means no one else can touch your vehicle while we negotiate price. You’ll get this back if you don’t reach a deal.” Okay. I gave him the deposit. Knowing I had just offered $4,000 less than their asking price. I held my breath. Also knowing I had a weapon in my hands, the Canadian black book value, carproof from my bank lady, telling me the wholesale and retail value of this 2008 Toyota 4x4.

He said, “I’ll have to talk to my manager then call you back.” “Sure.” Fifteen minutes later, he called. The manager had refused my offer. But made a counter offer back towards the original asking price. I smiled. Shuffled my papers. Hummed and procrastinated then shuffled more papers until Alex asked, “Would you like to call us back?” “No. I’m just reading through a couple of my notes,” then I made a second offer slightly higher than my original one. “I’ll have to call you back,” he said. Another fifteen minutes went by when Alex called. His manager refused again but lowered his original price. I had them on the ropes. We were looking good. All those Texas Hold’em nights were paying off. Again, I procrastinated. Shuffled my papers. Hummed and haghed. Thought about it until Alex asked again if I wanted to call back. “No thank you. I’m just thinking. Tell your manger to meet me All-In, halfway.” We hung up the phone and in less than five minutes, Alex was back on the phone telling me the finance guy, Keith would be calling to go through the credit application with me.

Twenty minutes later. Keith called. He asked questions. I answered. Three hours later as I was leaving to get Shauna, Keith called with the good news. I was approved. And he wanted to know when I could come down and go over the paperwork. Within the hour, I said. By 4:15pm we arrived at Mayfield Toyota. Shauna still in suspense over which 4x4, I had chosen. We met with Alex who led us to the finance offices. We met Keith. We went over all the paperwork. We added a 3-year/60,000 kilometer warranty covering all major work plus life and disability insurance. Reading through every piece of paper, I balked at the final signature, “Keith can I look over the carproof and 151-point inspection?” “Sure. Let me call Alex. Would you like to sign before or after?” he inquired. “After,” I said smiling as the stress evaporated from my shoulders. We walked back to the sales office where Alex was waiting with the papers. Reading through it, they had spent nearly $1100 reconditioning it. Smiling more we went back over and finished signing. With the bill of sale, insurance papers and drivers’ license we headed for AMA to register the vehicle and receive my 1st Albertan license plate.

Tomorrow at 11am, Mountain Standard Time, I’ll be sitting in my first ever dealership purchase. I will also be sitting in my “Elenore,” that one vehicle you have always wanted to own. You know, the one that’s been on your mind for nearly two decades.

Tomorrow (today)… I picked up MY FJ CRUISER 4x4 ... do you smell >>> Trails? We Do :o) !!!!

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