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Middle East
April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012
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My friends are the best. I know everyone may say that but I have a unbreakable bond with them, we literally all each other "sister" I'm happy I found girls like these and I would be willing to do anything to see them happy. I consider them the best friends is because they know everything about me, even when something is wrong, they know it without me even telling them.
2) My mom
My mother is my number one cheerleader, she roots for me even when it seems to be no possible way out. She is always there for me when I feel like there is no one else, doing what she can to help me out.
3) Quentin
I like Quentin because he is a sweet caring person, who happens to be my prom date 😊, he is included in my top ten list because he is more than a date he is a friend.
4) Ms.Rosales
I am including Ms.Rosales because although I may have disappointed her in many ways that's to much to explain, she has still fought for me when she felt that I was treated unfairly, she does more than her best to make sure that I succeed in life. I really appreciate to have a advisor like her.
Mr.Simmons and I have developed a close bond over the past two years that I have been here. He always makes sure that I am treated fairly and if not he is one of the first people fighting for me
I am choosing my family because they like many other people in my life are rooting for me to do my absolute best, they are very important to me.
7) UIC college prep
I didn't expect myself to be including this in my list. This high school is quite something, it is a good school but the way the school ha does certain situations takes the enjoyment out of my years. I want to enjoy my last year and unfortunately I can't enjoy this the way I want to
8) ms.held
Ms held, I'm not even writing this to butter you up really, but you are a great teacher, I never thought I could actually enjoy history the way I do in your class, the way you are passionate about teaching makes me even more eager to learn, I am happy I got the opportunity to experience you teaching skills
9) track and field
Wow! Track is my first love no doubt about it, I have been running since I can remember, running takes away all of the stress that I have going on in my everyday life
10) Dennii Johnson
Me??, yes I am important to myself of course! I know I can be anything I want to be and I am a very bright student but I don't push myself as hard as I should, I am trying to work on that so I can be the best college student I can be


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