life resumes in the cooler months

Published: April 6th 2010
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As the weather starts to cool down to the mid 30's.... life resumes on the streets of Abu Dhabi. These photos are from late last year...... sorry for the long delay, life got too busy, but it is nice to see these photos again. So here are some more photos of Abu Dhabi streetlife, the mosques on the many street corners..hearing the call to prayer throughout the day, and lit up at night. The sand colored skyscrapers lining the streets, a mix of old & new...

Around October / November, for a few short months, the weather starts to cool a little to a civilised manner! It is still hot, but bareable! You can actually start walking along the street again, even a walk along the corniche esp in the evenings...After the long hot summer where you can barely manage to step outside, it is a big relief to be able to go for a walk.

Back in Melbourne at the moment, it is a striking contrast to look back at these photos... how vastly different life is there... I am loving the greenery of Melbourne, lush trees everywhere, street life, cafes, beach and much of the outdoor lifestyle.... soaking it up!! Enjoy the photos...

Additional photos below
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28th January 2011

Amazing photos
Really enjoyed looking through your photos interesting to see ....Thanks Julie

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