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October 17th 2012
Published: October 17th 2012
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An amazing Turkey tour website

I blundered into an absolutely amazing website that has panoramic pictures of many scenic things in Turkey. There are at least hundreds, maybe thousands of these panoramic views, of all kinds of things to see in Turkey. I have spent a few hours with it and I have only seen a small part; Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque, and many rooms inside Topkapi. It doesn't absolutely replace being there yourself, but it comes fairly close. In some ways it is better. Just click here and you will go right to it.

After you click, you will see a page called "Sites in 3D". Click on Topkapi Palace. You will see a plan of Topkapi surrounded by many things to click on. The "Main Gate" is a good place to start. Your screen will be immediately filled with a panoramic photo by a camera located just inside the First Gate. Move your mouse cautiously and the panaorama will start to turn. Left, it looks left. Right, it looks right. Up, it looks up. Etc. Try it; it shows you much more than you could see in one visit.


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