Iskenderum to Antakya

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December 24th 2006
Published: February 2nd 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Woke up in the abandoned building feeling nice and refreshed.

To be greeted by a bone crunching 7km up hill climb.
Joy to the world.

But stopped near the top for a famous Bellen kebap. Good stuff and good fuel for the engine.

Were greeted at the top of the mountain by a belting 10km downhill run. Smashed it. reached about 70 km/h passed a stack of trucks and buses on the way down.

Cruised into Antakya. A very historic city. Look it up on the web there's some stuff there I couldnt be bothered plagerising.

Aiming to be in Syria in the next couple of days.

Bit of a homesick bunny today.

(Blog fatigue has set in as you can see. Writing this now on the 2nd feb in Turkety. ─░ts snowing outside. Uncool.)


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