The Cradle of Civilization

Published: November 9th 2011
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For the past week, I’ve been roaming the ruins of Southeastern Turkey, an area also known as Mesopotamia, or the “Cradle of Civilization.” It’s an area so rich with history that even an abridged version would take pages to summarize. For all my interest in antiquity – and my enjoyment in strolling down its avenues – it’s the people that occupy these ancient cities today that made the... Read Full Entry

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9th November 2011

Beautiful Turkey
Hi Chantel, Giselle and I look forward to reading each email about your travels. I want to tell you that last year when we were in Turkey my very favorite place was Ephesus. To think that the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist walked the streets of this city. See it if you can !!! Be safe and enjoy your travels!
9th November 2011

I feel as if I am there with you. It is like reading a book and disappearing to a majical place with no restrants no fear just love and beauty. You my dear are a true author in your own right.Thank-you for inviting my family on your journey.Love Auntie Tiff
10th November 2011

You are brilliant
What a tale about Mustafa and his hospitality! What is the story about the false top to the hill you mention? How many people were involved in the building and construction originally. Who is financing the reparations. How I envy you for living your dream. Please cary on having a wonderful understated time. Now I know what vicarious means! Love Geoff, your greatest admirer(in line with dozens of others).
13th November 2011

the peak of nemrut is actually a pile of stones put there by the king who thought that the actual summit wasn't high enough... i started to talk about it, but then i erased it... sorry for the inconsistency.
11th November 2011

My daughter
your are living a dream of many people who won't even leave their door step,since you got to Turkey, you always talk of how accomodating the turkish people are, I only wish that the people of the world would all step to the plate and show the same, I wonder if america would do the same, I share your stories with people I don't even know, I am very proud of you,your writing, the words you use which is a gift, bring tears to my eyes. I know how happy you must be living your own dream LOve Dad
11th November 2011

What a great story and you write so well. It is very poignant. Thank you for sharing your trip with me.

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