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June 23rd 2008
Published: June 23rd 2008
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I just booked myself into a sweet hostel in cappadocia. its this neat place in the center of turkey were volcanic ash created these cool chimeny type structures and the early christians turned some into churches, stores, and houses. Now, the have hostels built into them. theres lots of hiking and outdoor type activities so i should have a good time. its also cheap so i can wind a bit more time off the clock.

the laptop is working well again. not sure what happened to it or how it repaired itself, but im glad. ive made my way up to a city on the med coast called antalya. its a nice town on the verge of blowing up. however it is also hot as hell here. i got a chance to walk around old town and its quite nice.

im drinking now so typing is tuff. talk more soon.


28th June 2008

Hi Bob, Got to tell you, you've been to so many places that I've never even heard of. Looks like you are having a good time enjoying the "wanderlust". Things are good here with your Dad and me--I am 100% back to normal (hope that's a good thing!) and tomorrow we are going to Ava Christening--we will give her a kiss from Uncle Superman! Stay well and keep enjoying yourself, BUT we miss you!!!!

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