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March 5th 2010
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Ottoman Istanbul This blog focuses on the Ottoman sights of Istanbul. As you can see from just glancing at the pictures, they are gorgeous. Our last blog focused on the Byzantine sights of Istanbul. We’ll do one last Istanbul blog that gives a taste what Istanbul is like today. Ottoman Istanbul, by Paul The Ottoman Empire. In the last blog we talked about Byzantium or Constantinople, whic... Read Full Entry

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One Turkish arts museum featured beautiful Arabic calligraphy created at the height of the Ottoman Empire.
Grand BazaarGrand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar

Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is a huge covered market, the world's first shopping mall (from the 1400s).
Islamic GravestonesIslamic Gravestones
Islamic Gravestones

These are all over Istanbul, graves from the Ottoman period.
Tomb, Outside of a MosqueTomb, Outside of a Mosque
Tomb, Outside of a Mosque

This is a sultan's tomb, or the tomb of a wife - I forget. Many major imperial mosques have these huge tombs outside them, which are sometimes works of art themselves.
May and Paul and TilesMay and Paul and Tiles
May and Paul and Tiles

Rustem Pasha Mosque
Spice BazaarSpice Bazaar
Spice Bazaar

This is another old, old (1400s) covered market, focusing on spice.
Crusaders vs. OttomansCrusaders vs. Ottomans
Crusaders vs. Ottomans

A chess set in the Grand Bazaar: Ottoman Muslims vs. Christian Crusaders.
Turkish CarpetTurkish Carpet
Turkish Carpet

One Turkish arts museum had a collection of old, classic Turkish carpets.
Jordan, Four-Leaf CloversJordan, Four-Leaf Clovers
Jordan, Four-Leaf Clovers

Jordan found like four four-leaf clovers outside the Topkapi Palace. Lucky girl.

6th March 2010

Ottoman blog
This was a beautiful blog! It does make me sorry that we didn't visit the harem at the Topkapi Mosque, however, because it is better preserved than the parts we did visit. We, too, loved the tiles! The tile of Turkey reminded me a little of Mexico which also has a great tile tradition. Ottoman influence in Spain may have passed on to the Spanish as they conquered Mexico. Who knows? Marian
9th March 2010

Thanks again for sharing. The mosques and the tiles are beautiful. I enjoyed the history and loved the pictures. Doris
15th May 2010

Great article and photos, Ottoman heritage is visible all over Istanbul, for more check this out,
8th October 2010

Well, nice pictures but really a bit of showing onesself off-with your popping up in so many photos. The pictures of the mosques(camiis) would be more appreciated if you could put their names next to it ie. Sultanahmet, Suleymanye etc.
18th February 2011

Hello, thank you for such a great article!

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