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October 25th 2008
Published: February 15th 2009
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Photographs from our recent trip to Istanbul (October 2008)... Read Full Entry

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Zincirli HanZincirli Han
Zincirli Han

Carpet shops occupy most of this han.
Tea trayTea tray
Tea tray

Countless cups of tea are carried around the bazaar on these little trays.
Anti-oxidants on tapAnti-oxidants on tap
Anti-oxidants on tap

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice or "nar suyu". An uncommon delight.
Turkish pideTurkish pide
Turkish pide

Filled baked bread - we were too full to try one of these but they looked gorgeous...

Fistigi (pistachios), findigi (hazelnuts) and cevizi (walnuts) - vital snacking opportunities!

Biber - piper - pepper!
Turkish ravioli...Turkish ravioli...
Turkish ravioli...

...called "manti". Tiny and usually filled with minced meat.

Seasoned, air-dried beef, thinly sliced. Yet another Turkish delight...
Fresh vegetables on Hasircilar CaddesiFresh vegetables on Hasircilar Caddesi
Fresh vegetables on Hasircilar Caddesi

One of Istanbul's most vibrant market streets. A feast for the every sense.
Food shops near Hasircilar CaddesiFood shops near Hasircilar Caddesi
Food shops near Hasircilar Caddesi

Just outside the New Mosque.

A variety of yummy-looking Turkish cheeses.
Stringy cheese!Stringy cheese!
Stringy cheese!

Real cheese! Not Dairylea petrochemical-derived stringy cheese! We couldn't resist - it's unbelievably moreish. Fatty as you like, salty as you like, but moreish.
Haghia SophiaHaghia Sophia
Haghia Sophia

Surely Istanbul's most famous sight.
View from the gardens of Topkapi Palace.View from the gardens of Topkapi Palace.
View from the gardens of Topkapi Palace.

Looking out onto the Golden Horn (Halic in Turkish) and Galata.
Topkapi PalaceTopkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Gorgeous tiles everywhere...
Topkapi PalaceTopkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Mother of pearl inlaid panels.

27th February 2009

Great photos!
Wow, you've really captured the essence and feeling of the Turkish market!! I love the colour and feel of the Turkish markets, especially when you haggle and feel like you've bought a bargain! Even more impressive is that even the Turkish is spelt correctly! What kinds of things did you buy from the Market?

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