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June 23rd 2014
Published: June 21st 2014
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"All generalizations are dangerous, including this one." -Alexander Dumas

This will be short and sweet. Upon reflection, I never really thought visiting a Muslim country would make me feel uncomfortable. As someone who is not religious, I respect anyone's beliefs as long as those beliefs aren't forced on someone else.

Walking down the streets of Istanbul, it did become apparent that I was obviously different and didn't belong. More than once, I was approached by someone who said, "You are American? Do you have a gun and go pow pow?"

The generalizations can go both ways. I was warned about terrorists before I left the U.S.

I have to say that I never felt unsafe in Istanbul. Even on the back streets at night.

My birthday wish is that we all, myself included, respect each other. When we generalize, assume we are all human first. We are only different when we marginalize.

Tomorrow, Greece!


21st June 2014

Great post.....great philosophy!!! Marsha and I never felt in any danger at all when we spent the three weeks in Egypt and Jordan. Everyone, especially the Egyptian common people were sooooo friendly and appreciative of us for visiting their country. And, John....when it comes to religion, you and I are on the same page, the same paragraph, the same sentence!!! If you see this.....CONTINUE to CELEBRATE this GREAT DAY....YOUR DAY!!!!
21st June 2014

Nicely said
Nicely said.

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