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August 29th 2008
Published: August 29th 2008
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Found among the abundant treasures that comprise magical Syria, high-speed internet connections are not.
So, I am finally getting around to tossing a few more pictures up from those blissful days in June.

In unrelated news, here's a link to Matt's blog:
He seems to be enjoying life in Turkey.

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Camel at PalmyraCamel at Palmyra
Camel at Palmyra

I wish I had been quick enough on the draw to catch the herd of at least 50 camels outside the bus window on the way to Palmyra. I guess I'll settle for a close-up of one. Who doesn't love a furry dinosaur?
Palmyra transportPalmyra transport
Palmyra transport

If you're going to hitch rides around the ruins with people you meet randomly on the street, make sure that their vehicle has "Coconut Delights" painted on the side along with a picture of a dolphin, or something else in the same spirit...
Palmyra (Qala'at Ibn Maan)Palmyra (Qala'at Ibn Maan)
Palmyra (Qala'at Ibn Maan)

The 17th century castle overlooking much of the city is relatively brand new by Palmyra standards...

31st August 2008

Per Damascus 3: In Israel we also had guys driving around selling produce, except they drove around in pickup trucks with megaphones and yelled out the name of the fruit in as many languages as they could summon. It was kinda cool thinking back on it.
11th September 2008

Time for another update methinks. Yeah.

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