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August 20th 2010
Published: June 5th 2011
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Rob really wanted to come's quite a place and unbelievably atmospheric, spooky even - especially when we were virtually alone, clattering along all those icy cold stone paths below ground...

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Atmospheric garrison room...Atmospheric garrison room...
Atmospheric garrison room...

which certainly caught Rob's attention
Summer 2010 320Summer 2010 320
Summer 2010 320

View over the walls
So high in the walls, they are imposibleSo high in the walls, they are imposible
So high in the walls, they are imposible

to see out of, but necesary for air and light

1st October 2011
Atmospheric garrison room...

Very, very streange moment for me.
You may wonder what I was thinking about in this pic as I gazed across Syria from that window. I am not really prone to deja vu or anything remotely 'other wordly', in fact i am a staunch sceptic with regard to after life stuff and don't believe that there is anything beyond life except of course death. However, I definately had a very strange experience in this room that I couldn't really explain. I had a memory.. a very clear and real memory of the place! Very weird. It has never happened to me before and i have been around a bit... usually with you know who. Maybe it was the heat...

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