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May 15th 2011
Published: May 16th 2011
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It is always a pleasure to cruise into Muscat. This sultanate is one of our favorite places in all of the Middle East. The handsome Omani people are very friendly, the landscape is storybook and the souk is the best. There is a high level of education and there are even women working in government jobs. Sultan Qaboos is a pretty benevolent ruler who has the third largest private yacht in the world and some very fancy palaces in both Muscat and Salalah. The countryside is spotless and the standard of living is very high for the residents.

Shortly after arrival we went over to the Muttrah Souk with Doug and Annette. The gold, fabric and trinket souks are all jammed together along the corniche fronting the harbor. Oman is noted for its frankincense and the souk is filled with its fragrance. The women still dress in the traditional garb but they are out and about all the time--unlike many other countries in the Mideast.

We hired a taxi to take us to the regal Al Bustan Resort and a drive through the old town. We went by the hospital where we spent time with Dr Tinkle when he hurt his hip several years ago. Muscat is growing rapidly, especially the government sector. Six star resorts are springing up everywhere in an effort to encourage tourism. Like the UAE, most of the service workers are Filipino and Pakistani. We had lunch at the Golden Oryx which has a Chinese/Middle Eastern menu.

We had a sail-away party scheduled for the fantail of the ship. But since the temperature was 45˚C (114˚F), we decided to hold it indoors until sunset. As soon as we slipped our lines everyone went outside to get a better view of the twinkling lights of Muscat, the big brass incense burner and the forts and palaces lining the shore. It was a splendid bon voyage on a gorgeous Arabian night!

We had an unusual day in Salalah when we hired Ahmed to drive us around the area. When we were last here we went to the goat and machine gun market-- where one goat will buy you one machine gun or vice-versa. Since we were there in the afternoon this time, the souks and mosques were closed, so Ahmed took us out in the country to his favorite BBQ camel restaurant. Strips of drying camel meat are hanging out to dry while Omani men lounge around sipping tea and smoking shisha pipes. Ahmed bought his favorite dish which was chopped camel meat covered in congealed fat. We ate some--yummy!! Then he drove us to a poor Bedouin camp to see some live camels. He took us on an off road drive to the beach cliffs. Unfortunately we weren't in an off road vehicle but fortunately we didn't get stuck in the middle of nowhere. We had an ongoing contest of wills with Ahmed over the decibel level of his DVD player. At one point as we were bouncing around in the desolate terrain, being blasted by loud Arabic music, the thought crossed my mind...I wonder what Ahmed thinks about the whole Osama Bin Laden deal? But he got us back to the ship in fine shape. No worries mate!

We had our safety briefings, the Israeli "security consultants" were on board, the ship's Gurkha team was patrolling the outer decks, the LRAD acoustic blaster was operational and the high powered water hoses were at the ready. It was time to head out across the pirate plagued Gulf of Aden.

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San Diego, CA

Our rap singing Omani driver

"Would you like a side of hummus with that?"

"The only good pirate is a deaf pirate."

16th May 2011

Love reading all your blogs. Such fun to sort of be along on the trip. Enjoy the rest of your jouney and say hi to those we know on the ship. Hugs, Tweedie and Mac
16th May 2011

Wow, guys!! What a time to be in that part of the world!! It looks absolutely wonderful! I am enjoying your trip VERY much! Maybe when you get home, we can connect. Larry and I are going to do wind country with my cousin and his wife in late August. Love, Jan
16th May 2011

Miss being with you!
Lucky Ducks!! Oman is one of my favorite places in the World! I am Jealous.
17th May 2011

We love reading about your adventures and wish we were with you. Our son Jordan is getting married in two weeks in Las Vegas and then we are off to Italy for a driving trip for 5 weeks. Lets get together when we are all back in the bay area this summer. Travel safe.
28th May 2011

This is indeed one cute camel! Keep your blogs coming, it is great to read the experiences of travellers from a world cruise perspective.

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