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Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah November 13th 2015

Geo: 17.0139, 54.0923We've arrived in Oman for two port days separated by another sea day. Today, we left early for our shore excursion to see the sights around Salalah. Leaving the port, the bus had to stop for a security check. An officer came on board to check each person's landing card. They had been given out by ship's personnel as we disembarked. Before we got very far, just after passing customs and security, one couple realized they were on the wrong bus. Although we pulled off the road and the guide contacted his supervisor, we were not allowed to wait for the other bus to catch up. We had to go back to the ship and drop them off before starting again. Arriving at the checkpoint for the second time, our guide was able to ... read more
Mosque in Salalah
Al Husn Palace
Mohommed Explains about the Frankincense Tree

Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah May 31st 2014

I wish I could say I slept better, but the hard beds caused me to wake around 3 am. I had to get up and walk around my room for a while. I was looking forward to seeing the stars, but it was quite hazy out. If I were ever to come here again, I would love to go into the mountains to see the night sky... In the morning, I woke and tried to book my return flight from Dubai to Doha and what a nightmare that turned out to be! I stood on the balcony one last time to listen to the waves and see the beautiful beach and I noticed a man in orange coveralls, picking up all the trash on the beach. We had seen a similar guy picking up the trash ... read more
Frankencense Trail
Mughsayl blowholes
Crashing waves

Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah May 30th 2014

"Do you hear that?" "Hear what?" "Exactly! Silence! No beeping!" One of the things we noticed about Salalah, and one that speaks volumes of the people there, was the complete lack of beeps. No cars honking, nobody tailgating you and flashing their lights trying to run you off the road. People were very content to wait and to let you find your way. I tell you, if you have not experienced a daily commute in the Middle East, you don't know how touching this small token of hospitality is. We commented constantly about it, like when we would go around a roundabout three or four times trying to find the right road. Or when there was some kind of procession on the major freeway at night, there were no beeps - people waited their turn to ... read more
Camels actually swimming!!!
Camel ridge
Private beach

Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah September 6th 2012

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller Dubai Salalah Trip I was planning for salalah trip since i came to dubai 6 years back. The excitement gone far beyond imagination when my cousins visited the place and started poking me with beautiful travel stories. Salalah is like a mirage in desert n raining all the time (Khareef season) while rest of the Middle East is in scorching summer (July to Sept). After a month long planning, we (Sunny, hari, nelson & I) started our road trip in a 4WD from Dubai on17th august 2012 at around 11.30pm and headed to Mezyad border from Al Ain. The immigration process at the border took around 30 minutes and then we headed straight for Ibri. From Ibri town, take right ... read more
our travel partner
break time at Ibri  desert

Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah May 14th 2012

It is a journey of four days time from Salalah, Oman to the port of Aqaba, Jordan our next destination. To some that may seem like much too long, but I enjoy it. I like to think of Nautica as an ocean liner, not a cruise ship. This is the way people traveled around the world until air travel came along and made us impatient to get to where we want and do it as quickly as possible. Much is lost in the process. It really is the journey, not the destination that is most important, at least I think so. I am spending much time reclining in a deck chair on the deck five promenade looking out at the sea and thinking. Most of the time there is only the sea, the sky and the ... read more
Sultan's palace

Middle East » Oman » Dhofar » Salalah March 20th 2009

Oman, the land of Frankincense, or is that Yemen?! Well, the two countries probably share the moniker. We were happy just to be in a land of rugged coastlines, beautiful beaches and hot sunshine! Salalah is located in the South of Oman, not too far from the Yemeni border. We stayed for a few days with Peta who we had met during summer school in Damascus last year. It was wonderful to catch up with her and her friends, and to learn all about life as an ex-pat teacher in Salalah. It's now high on our list of future possibilities!!! Peta was an excellent host, leaving us to do our own thing (like sleep off the effects of the 16 hour bus journey from Dubai!) when necessary and showing us around the area when we felt ... read more
Palm trees and boats
Birds on the ruins

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