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April 11th 2010
Published: April 11th 2010
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So I'm now writing from Cairo - having been back for a week now! Spring break officially ended this evening at 5pm - after 19 days off - its hard gettin back into the swing of things of school, hence why I'm currently writing this blog during my International Refugee Law class (its ok - we're just goin over the answers to the mid-term). Lebanon and Syria were, again, nothing short of fantastic. Really had an amazing time in both countries and am looking forward to returning soon! I brought back 3 bottles of Lebanese wine - 1 white (already gone) and am now trying to savor and drink sparingly the red wine - Egyptian wine is just BAD!

I had a fabulous birthday. My friends threw me a surprise party - was totally surprised - on Monday night and I spent Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt hotel, soaking up the rays at their pool before gettin all dressed up for my birthday dinner - sushi, sushi, sushi!!

5 weeks left of school - going by soo soo soo fast! Maria comes for a month at the end of May - can't wait - it's been forever since we've seen each other (since senior year of college) so it'll be great to have some time to catch up and show her around. Life is good other than that - I'm thinking of moving into a different apartment this summer with 2 of my really good friends here so we're currently checking out places. I'm also going to be volunteering with a new hotline here in Cairo for refugees and asylum seekers - its like a 911 but solely for refugees - for medical & legal emergencies so thats exciting!

I had been looking at coming home this summer - an internship with US immigration in upstate NY - and while I was offered the position I decided to turn it down since it was doing mostly citizenship and green card stuff with refugees that well, frankly, doesn't interest me. SOOO I'm here for the entire summer - which means, lots of time for you all to come and visit! I'll still continue tutoring and with all my volunteer jobs so I won't be sweating my butt off, just hanging out in front of my ac in my room! I'm also hoping to do some research for my thesis and spend more time on my Arabic!

Still fundraising for MALARIA - would love love love your help!! Any amount is greatly appreciated and is going to a great cause!!!

Here are photos from the trip:


Posted here are some photos from my birthday!

Love to all,

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Amanda and I Amanda and I
Amanda and I

My fav lady here in Egypt!

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