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August 2nd 2009
Published: August 2nd 2009
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I haven't posted in ages, as my mom has pointed out, and it's because I have been on a veritable traveling marathon, and literally, this is the second time in 10 days I've been able to go on the internet.

It's been a crazy, ridiculous, amazing adventure.

The themes of the trip, we decided, are: "We love to wait at areas of transport, without actually going anywhere" and "GOOD WORD"

It involves doing roundabouts with picking up Sally at the airport (and with the Israeli security), playing with our food, my addiction to hummous and felafel, befriending bedouins, walking for 8 hours straight in the Jordanian desert with 1.25 dinars between the three of us, traversing the country about 70 thousand times, me losing my passport/leaving it with a bedouin in the middle of the Dead Sea, hitchiking/'tramping', learning Hebrew, visiting the temple mount hungover...

So many stories, so little time to write.

I hope to be able to update extensively in the next couple of days, as Sally is leaving today (she will be Sorely Sorely missed- I can't imagine this trip now without her), and Bub and I are taking a well needed breath and break.



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