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December 17th 2007
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So over the last days we have been experiencing a whole lot of Jesus. Its very exciting that in three days we have seen various Jesus locations, staring with Nazareth, where Christ lived as a boy; Galilee, where he hung out with his friends the disciples, and did most of his teaching and ministry; the Mt of Olives, where he came over the hill and wept over (which led me to tears in rememberance of how amazing He is and how He could've decided to show everyone that He is God, but he didn't, for us); Jerusalem, where he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane before his betrayal and arrest; and then we saw the rock of Golgotha, where he died for us, then the most likely sight of his burial, and then back to the Mt. of Olives, where he ascended into heaven fully alive. Then today we made a very expensive, short, and some might say dangerous trip into the West Bank to visit Bethlehem, where Jesus was born in the manger. We got to see various sights in Bethlehem like the shepherds field, where the shepherds stayed and saw the star which led them to Christ; Milky grotto, where Mary fed the baby Jesus; and the Nativity church, which is in place of where Jesus was born in the manger. All these places have been so amazing to see and experience and it is so wonderful being able to put a picture to the place and name, especially when we re-read the Bible passages that relate to these areas and we can imagine just how it was (even though it doesn't quite look like how one would imagine, since it was over 2000 years ago). We also got to see Herodion, which is a man-made fortress built by Herod the Great. It was really cool because Herod the Great built the mountain that the fortress lays on by scratch. From far away, the Herodion looks like a volcano but it is obviously not. Anyways, our trip so far has been very educational, fun, eye-opening, and every other emotion. The Rosenbaums have been great and very hospitable and we even baby-sat all the boys tonight so that they could go out for their first time without little Benji. Well Im tired, so Ill post more later or Nick will. Have a good night and do't forget that it's all about Jesus oh and don't forget to wind it up (hehehe).


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