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July 23rd 2015
Published: July 23rd 2015
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sunset Mt Arbel
magdala is a ruin on the sea of Galilee only found 1 year ago it is considered the place where mary magdalene came from this ruin was in good condition because they left before the romans came and obviosly intended to come back but never did because they found money hidden in the walls which enabled them to date the site accurately

after this we went for a boat trip on the sea of galilee on replica boat of Jesus time they raised an australian flag and played our national anthem on the boat we met some german tourists who told us that the Palestinians are badly treated here as 2nd class citizens in their own country but this is not our experience the ones we met and there are many especially in jerusalem when we were there were happy and do not want to go to jordan because life is better here

we stopped in the middle so that we could read some bible passages about the sea of galilee also called the sea of Tiberias when we finished reading I asked if we could swim but they said no then suddenly danny pushed tom in and created

sea of Galilee at night
a little exitement but Tom climbed back on board and all was well

when we arrived back at the shore the boys Esther and I went for a swim from the shore not a nice beach very rocky

they found a boat here buried in the mud and dug it out and have it on display aparently 2000 yrs old the pope must think its authentic because he offered to buy it for 1 billion euros but they decided to keep it

after the boat we went to Kineret where the Jordan leaves the Galilee and there is another site of where Jesus was baptised a "C" site or maybe Z

then headed for sheik Husein border but stopped first at Gan-Ha-Shlosha which has a spring the pools are clear and about 4m deep you can see the bottom clearely and little fish nibble your feet it was good to relax here before we head to Jordan

we took about 3 hours to get through the border and 3 taxis raced us to our hotel where I am now sitting in the lobby typing this we leave her tomorrow morning at 2am ooooooooh

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Archeological dig Magdalla

Magdalla ruin mosaic in the synagogue

Mt arbel from the boat

the boat

boys on the rail before the incident

Tom in the water

Gan-Ha-shlosha spring


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