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June 18th 2019
Published: June 18th 2019
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"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" - words i would encourage us all to pray regularly. Jerusalem is an amazingly holy city. Muslims, Jews, and Christians inhabit this place side by side. You hear the Muslim call to prayer on loudspeakers sometimes 5 times a day. You hear the Jewish call for sabbath to begin on Friday evening, You hear church church bells announcing Mass several times throughout the day. No competition - simply witness. And I must say devout Jews and devout Muslims humble me and my faith. They both wear their faith way more visibly than I do. This picture of Jewish men at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount saying prayers is a great example. The women were in the same place on the other side of a simple fence. On the other side of this wall is the Temple mount where the Muslim mosques are for Muslim prayers. I went to the Holy Wall touched it and said my prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem. Check out the several ton stones at the bottom of this wall, built by King Herod the Great (his son was Jesus' King Herod) in the century before Christ, so Jesus very likely walked by this wall on his way into the Temple above.


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