Magnificient Persepolis, Necropolis...and no wine in Shiraz!

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February 10th 2016
Published: February 27th 2016
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Finally, here it's Iran time! Made it easy, I arrived in Shiraz at 3.30am, ready to apply for my visa on arrival at the airport. I read a lot about it. Don't forget, first rule, if you have been to Israel, you will not be allowed into Iran. Well, you know my blogs, I just had to make sure that if they "google" me, nothing too embarrassing would go out of it...and that they would not put me... Read Full Entry

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29th February 2016
Tomb of Hafez

A taste of the best!
Good for you for taking the time (and energy!) for a whirlwind tour of Iran, a country all tourists have raved about. Persepolis and Necropolis were properly grand, and how lovely that people were open, even giving you a private guide when you were out alone, and you had a sense of their fine partying and spirits. I love Hafez and his tomb here is so intricate and beautiful. I've seen photos of mosques from your next stop--I can hardly wait to see yours.
15th March 2016

thanx for an amazing blog "Palmyra is now gone, and I hope one day we will judge those criminals! " i almost cried !

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