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October 2nd 2010
Published: November 30th -0001
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Kia Ora! ........ from the Desert Island of Bahrain Folks, and profound, untold and immense apologies for the big gap in Blog episodes since Feb 2010! Read on and you’ll see why time has flown for us, what we’ve been up to and why I’ve been so slack in maintaining the Blog (Did I say that out loud?) Okay, after having a blast in Goa, - India’s beautiful and economical beach area, we se... Read Full Entry

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2nd October 2010

well done blog Pete..makes me want to go to Doha!
4th October 2010

Hey guys, it was great reading your latest blog and seeing all the pics!! Love the baby camel. You guys are on quite an adventure and I can't wait to see you next year in actual Bahrain!!!!! Wahooooo!!! Hang in there Jude, miss you guys xxoo
9th October 2010

Enjoy more adventures
Thanks Pete, can't wait until the next installment of fun in the sun...with bike stuff included!
11th October 2010

Sorry Guys, hadn't noticed you had been "dead" for so long as I don't get near the Computer very often. Liz and her elder sister Pru are planning a trip thru Italy following the POW camps Pop was in there after his ship was torpedoed. Naturally they are moving on to Greece and France as well and Pru will stay on another 2 weeks to "do" England. Consequently Liz is now a member of Hertz GOLD club, among many other freebeez chucked at her over the Net. We are STILL in the dark ages of dial-up, mainly due to a offer that Clear made 4 years ago for $3.90 a month. They are all SOOOO sweet there, Jason, Malcolm, etc and also appear to have missed removing us after the initial 3 month offer expired. Consequently it takes a while for photos to appear but it is my birthday today and Liz is busy on a Chocolate cake and counting 62 candles, so, hey, lets go for it! Thrilled you are having so much fun and happy that Pete has got a job doing stuff he LUVES. How good is that. Just heard curses from kitchen, guessing we only have 60 candles. Cheers for now Bev
13th November 2010

great adventure
Great keeping up with your adventures it looks so exciting, I also loved the baby camel, I wonder if we will see one in Eygpt next year. We are planning a trip to Poland where my family is from, and hopefully to see the pyarmids as well. We are now great grandparents, so exciting but we are far to young!!!. so take care and we will catch your next blog. Love Brenda and Lance

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