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October 17th 2018
Published: October 17th 2018
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You may tire of my superlatives when I describe the sights here, but let me tell you: I don’t tire of seeing them!

Wales is truly wondrous; they must have invented green. Yes, I know, there’s Ireland ahead (I go Saturday), so emerald is the color of October for me this year...

One problem in showing you all this is that, as I drive through all this gorgeous scenery, there’s a dearth of places for me to pull over to photograph them. Along the highways, there are “lay-bys” (pulloffs), but each one is heavily thicketed, blocking the view. And out in the country, there is virtually no hope, as locals ride my bumper if I dare to slow for a driveway or turnoff.

So, I’m cheating, sort of - I’ve found some good photos online of countryside and coastline that I actually DID see but couldn’t photograph, and have mixed them in with my own snaps. (In the interest of accuracy and truth - apparently in short supply these days - I have labeled them as ”borrowed.“ So if you don’t want to see second-hand beauty, close your eyes and keep swiping...)

I’ve stayed three days with
The MumblesThe MumblesThe Mumbles

Welsh Riviera
ATC hosts in Swansea, on the southern coast. Their snug house is wedged into a impossibly small lane (two-way, of course) in an historic district called The Mumbles. (The appellation has some to do with the hilly topography and women’s breasts - I can’t seem to get a straight answer.) Swansea Bay is on the “infamous“ Bristol Channel, with a tidal flow second only to the Bay of Fundy for its speed. I have a marvelous view of Oystermouth Castle (1100s) from my room, and am two blocks from the waterfront with its long esplanade and many restaurants....?

Tuesday I drove to the westernmost tip of Wales to see the kingdom’s smallest city, St. David’s. One must have a cathedral to be a city, and this one’s a doozy. First of all, it’s in a hollow behind the little town, so it appears to rise up as you walk down (and down and down) the hill from the main square. Then, its floor is sloped, so you walk uphill to the altar. And the walls tilt outward as they go up - rather unsettling, but effective. The whole bundle - catherdral, bishop’s palace, and town/city - is chocolate box
This is a two way streetThis is a two way streetThis is a two way street

Once I creep past the parked car, I park in a slot to the left.
charming, and worth the harrowing drive.

But my main goal was to reach Tenby, a stunning walled city on the Pembrokeshire coast. Oh, my! I had a lovely, restorative afternoon strolling the Espalanade, overlooking the bay and St, Catherine‘s Island fortress, wandering the shops in the back lanes, watching the sailsurfers, and enjoying a beer from a waterfront bar.



Additional photos below
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View from my roomView from my room
View from my room

Castle on the hill
Tide’s outTide’s out
Tide’s out

But it will be back soon.
Waterfront dinnerWaterfront dinner
Waterfront dinner

Wild mushroom pasta
On the way to St. David’sOn the way to St. David’s
On the way to St. David’s

First view of the Atlantic.
Borrowed imageBorrowed image
Borrowed image

This does a better job of showing the landscape I drove through.
Borrowed imageBorrowed image
Borrowed image

A better capture of the sea views.

I seem to attract trucks and other obstacles into my frame....
Borrowed imageBorrowed image
Borrowed image

Newgale area
Borrowed imageBorrowed image
Borrowed image

Pembrokeshire coast I saw but couldn’t stop to snap...
More musselsMore mussels
More mussels

At St. David’s Kitchen

18th October 2018

Wow...beautiful countryside photos!
You have had such wonderful weather to capture the sites! Love the coastal pics with flowers and cloud formations for accents! Well done my friend. I’m enjoying your journey to “see” areas I didn’t know of before! Thanks for the education and armchair travel ?.
19th October 2018

Thanks, Kier!
You are always so appreciative and encouraging! It’s comments like yours that bring me sunshine, no matter my weather, and keep me going... ?

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