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August 1st 2010
Published: August 11th 2010
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The weather meant we would soon be moving out of Scotland and back into England. The sun followed by rain followed by sun meant the midges were out in force making it impossible to have even the windows open. This is not pleasant in a metal box.

Today we travelled to a local farm to try and solve their Maize Maze. It was quite a humid day and being surrounded by six foot maize did nothing to help this. The idea was that on our way around we should come across boards with pictures of animals on. With each animal was a stamp and to complete the maze correctly we had to collect all 8 stamps. This was easier said than done. As we got more and more lost and found no animals tensions rose. It soon became apparent we both had very different ideas on how this should be done. When Andy started drawing diagrams in the mud with the end of his brolly the realisation that we could still be here at midnight set in. I left him drawing his pictures and went on alone. After about ten minutes Andy phoned to tell me he was lost. On asking him what he could see the answer of “maize” was less than helpful. We finally found each other and decided to stick together.
After hours of wondering around bumping into the same desperate looking people and their fed up children we finally completed the maze.

The leaflet estimated it should take an hour or so to complete the maze…. We took two and a half.

We finished the day in the supermarket again. We found the strangest of fusion cuisines, the haggis pizza, which according to the slogan is “a superb combination of Scotland and Italy”. Unfortunately we had no means to cook this culinary delight but I am sure it would have gone extremely well with the deep fried haggis fingers or the Wee Willie Winkies we found. Maybe we could have had a disco biscuit for dessert. The food in Scotland was definitely different …and often served with a side order of heart disease.

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