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July 7th 2012
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Walk between towersWalk between towersWalk between towers

This was gated off but would have been the way to walk between the towers (if you were insane, that rails to stop you going over!)
Today we really did get some rain. It must have rained heavily overnight (and we did hear warnings about flooding in England expected for today) so our backyard garden has turned into a small lake! Some of the roads on our drive were flooded over and one of the smaller highways was even closed and the water being pumped off! We managed to avoid that highway luckily. The rain/drizzle kept up for the whole morning and slowed in the afternoon to a mist. We headed out anyways to Linlithgow Palace where there was a special jousting exhibit on today. It was close by, under 30 minutes drive. We spent the first hour wandering the castle and checking out the various towers and views. They had put on several exhibits with interpreters dressed in period costumes. One was on Gaelic writing, similar to calligraphy using feather quills and bamboo stalks. We all had a go and then the lady in charge made each of us a bookmark with our name written in Celtic printing! Another demonstration was in what used to be the palace kitchen and they showed what food would have been eaten in the 1400's. Didn't look too tasty for
Front of castleFront of castleFront of castle

Remaining wall of the front of the castle. Roofs are all missing.
the most part.....dates, dry bread, nuts, soft cheeses...

The rain kept up while we were there and eventually they announced that the jousting show would not be possible out on the grass due to conditions so they decided to put all the weapons and armour on display instead. Too bad but what can you do. The show is also on tomorrow (better weather is expected) but we already have plans for tomorrow....oh well.

So, we moved on to Blackness Castle which is a newer castle from the 15th century. It is built out on the point of the estuary so looks out on water in 3 directions! Pretty cool! The castle towers get pretty high up there. I was ok though.....just didn't get too close to the edges. Next we found our way to Craigmillar Castle and found a small wedding taking place! We wandered around the castle for a while and then came across the ceremony in the castle's main hall just as it was ending. The bride and groom were just heading outside for a few pictures and as the grass was a little soggy, the bride simply put on her pair of silver wellies! Only
The towersThe towersThe towers

This is taken from one tower and shows two of the other towers and the walk between them.
in Scotland! Quite a sight!

Then we made our way on back roads back to Balerno for another quiet evening. Nigel is starting to get the lay of the land here and is now able to turn off the GPS quite far from our home! Me, I still get lost a few houses away....

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Cool Celtic writing on our personalized bookmarks!
When the tides goes outWhen the tides goes out
When the tides goes out

The boats look like this!
Craigmillar CastleCraigmillar Castle
Craigmillar Castle

This was a really nice castle where Mary Queen of Scots went to stay after she had her baby James IV and her husband Henry murdered her secretary and she fell into a deep depression.
Looking down from one of the towersLooking down from one of the towers
Looking down from one of the towers

Craigmillar Castle again from the top this time.
Bride and GroomBride and Groom
Bride and Groom

Groom in a dress kilt and bride in her wellies!

7th July 2012

Great pics of the castles. Sorry to hear about the rain, I'll make a wish for you!

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