Isle of Skye

Published: June 6th 2018
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On Sat 2 Jun, we headed south to Dingwall then west to Skye based on Sandra’s advice. She said the scenery would be beautiful and she wasn’t wrong. We stopped briefly at Dingwall to consult our big map and some locals passing by confirmed Sandra’s advice. We drove along the A890 beside Loch Carron to Auchtertyre. We backtracked along the A87 to visit the iconic Eilean Donan Castle. It didn... Read Full Entry

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While his lady made we didn’t run over the brood. While his lady made we didn’t run over the brood.
While his lady made we didn’t run over the brood.

We were there a little while lol This photo was taken through our front windscreen.
The result of bushfires near CarbostThe result of bushfires near Carbost
The result of bushfires near Carbost

I wouldn’t have believed it but apparently it’s not unheard of.
The Road AheadThe Road Ahead
The Road Ahead

The speed limit is mostly 60mph on these roads. A tad scary. Roads suffer greatly from ice and snow, wear and tear and limited budget.

6th June 2018

Wow looks so beautiful and I am assuming one of your favourite places keep enjoying the scenery and the weather, starting to chill down here!
7th June 2018

So Many Photos
It’s all beautiful but Skye is much bigger than I expected. The few locals we met are so passionate. Juriaan has lived there 10 years and still hasn’t seen it all.
7th June 2018

The travelblog bar is getting higher
Looks like a great trip you're having so far! Some memories in there for us too, although we saw very little sun the whole time we were in Scotland - and no golf courses either. Maybe they are the key to getting sunshine! Great blogs you've done too (before we leave we are going to get some more writing practice in and get the camera serviced. Oh - and get a laptop to take with us. Writing on the phone doesn't really appeal). Keep up the good work
7th June 2018

Blogging - what a great way to document the trip. It’s so easy to start confusing places and photos and experiences. As for the sun, we had one local wanting us to migrate here lol
7th June 2018

We brought an iPad with us. Not a bad option

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